Tanja Herko

Tanja Herko, Photographer, Travel Journalist, Dipl. Translator Chinese

“What would life be, if we hadn`t the courage to take a risk?”
Vincent Van Gogh

Hi! Nice, that you are interested in my person and my work. I will try to explain my life and work in a few words – which is not going to be easy for me, because I love talking and I talk a lot. Someone who knows me very well once said:” You would speak even without having a mouth.” (Well recently at the dentist it worked already without moving it – so I am close!)

But that skill is kind of important in my branch as most of my customers never stood in front of a camera before. The talking warms them up a little.

While I was studying translations in Bonn, Germany, my friends and me made a portrait shooting. It was just for fun. You can see the pictures below. People liked them and they asked me, if I could photograph them, too.

I finished University and then I had different Photo Assistant Jobs in Sydney and Shanghai.

2012 I opened up my own photo studio in Germany. But because I have the soul of a gypsy, I needed to go back living abroad. Even though I lost some feathers on that way. But it was worth it.

Now, I live most of the time in Shanghai again. I love China, especially that city! Shanghai has a very unique atmosphere, that inspires me, because it makes me feel like living on another planet. That`s pretty much it!

You need a shot – feel free to contact me!                                           Cheers, Tanja


Here you can see the photographs from the first Shooting I have ever made. We had two different locations and two different stylings.

A few years later I send the pics to a photo competition. I didn’t win, but I was one of the finalists.

Fotowettbewerb Finale ephoto awards 2011



Posted on: Friday September 1st, 2017Tanja Herko